Name : Christofer Prince Gomes

Birthday : December 24 , 1975

Hometown : Dhaka, Bangladesh

Marital Status : Married

Favorite Foods : All kinds of thai food

Favorite Sports : Football

Favorite Colors : Black & Blue

Favorite Subjects : Music

Favorite Movies : Sunflower

Favorite Actors : Charlie Chaplin

Favorite Places : My village

Favorite Escape : Mountains

Favorite Bands : Pink Floyd, Beatles, Bee Gees, Carpentars, U2.

Things you don´t like : Lying

Joined Obscure : 4th February, 2018

Other Band been in : Brown Rice

What motivates you : Positive thinking

How do you spend your spare time : Listening Music, Cooking.

Achievement: Finalist in Channel i Nescafe Get Set Rock and Best Bass player by Judge Panel.

Gears : Ibanez EDB 550, Fender squire, Musicman starling Ray34, Bass paramatric Equilizer