How it all began

Tipu started as an English Vocalist with ‘Chime’ in 1984. Been with Chime for a year then felt the need to create something on his own. In 1985 he went back to Khulna & took initiative to create a band with some new faces. This is how ‘Obscure’ is born. He started singing in ‘Obscure’ with some of the most popular songs at that time. Then started creating their own songs. As time passes they ended up with around 30 songs of their own. ‘Sargam’ the famous audio production house started a new audio recording studio in 1985 & they invited ‘Obscure’ to record their very first album there. The first album ‘Obscure Vol.1’ completed in only three days. Two days for music tracks & a day for vocals. After the album came out, it was a massive hit overnight. Majhrate Chad / Chaira Gelam Matir Prithibi / Koli Kaler Vondo Baba / Momotay Cheye Thaka /Tomay became evergreen songs from that album.

The band started working on their next album in 1987 &  released their 2nd album ‘Obscure Vol.2’ from the same production house ‘Sargam’ in 1988. As usual, listeners loved the album & Obscure became one of the most popular bands of Bangladesh. Kal Shararat / Khoda Tomay / Adhar Ghera / Surjo Tumi / Godhuli Biday were instant hit.

The third album ‘Swopnocharini’ came out in 1990 from ‘Sharp Products’. Recorded at ‘Audio Art’ the finest studio available at that time. This was a milestone like the 1st album. Shei Tumi / Swopnogulo / Tomakei Chai / Swopnocharini / Valo Lage Amar was a massive success.

Then in 1991 Tipu took decision not to continue the band as some of the members were out of the country & he thought the band will continue after their return . Obscure stopped their music from 1991 to 2000. Tipu went out as well for a year and came back at the end of 2000. The members that went out stayed abroad so Tipu started rearranging the band & started working on a new album as well. ‘Ferate Tomay’ came out on 2001 from ‘Sharp Products’.

The band faced numerous problems after 2001 with new members so Tipu stopped again for another four years. In 2006 Obscure released ‘Obscure Unplugged’ – a collection of their old songs in unplugged format from ‘Aarshee’ with continued crisis of members. But he was determined to continue music and started working on a new album right away .

Rajib joined Obscure at the end of 2006 & took part in the new album. ‘Opekkhay Theko’ came out in 2007 from ‘G-Series’ with a new style of music that the band never did. The band sounded more rock-ish with  Tomar Amar Mon / Kemon Acho / Chinho. There were ballads like Opekhkhay Theko & folk rock like Shesh Bikeler Alo.

At the end of 2007 Binod joined Obscure as a keyboardist & the band started working on their new album. ‘Ichcher Daka Daki’ came out on 2009 from ‘Laser Vision’. The rock flavor continues to grow on the band. There were ballads like Aibar Shesh Hok / Khelar Chole / Bhalo Theko / Amar Buke. Rajib sang the hit ‘Aaari’. Ato Ta Raat – latin flavored and Echcher Dakadaki  was the experimental rock song on the album.

And .. again .. the band took a vacation & took a 3 year leave from music. ‘Raajue’ joined as a bassist, ‘Shantonu’ joined as a 2nd guitarist & Rabbi joined as the drummer & finally they started working on a new album on 2013 & their brand new album ‘Fera’ came out from G-Series. To all the members this was a perfect come back. This was a mix of different genres of music. Brishti – Rock / Ochena Manush -Funk / Onekdiner Tumi – Reggae, Shongshoy / Lukiye Jay Chaad – ballads / Majhi – Folk were there.

2014 – new members joined – Shanto on Guitars Shawon on Keyboards & Rinku on Drums & “Obscure O Bangladesh” released –

2015 – “Majhrate Chad” released from G Series – dedicated to the original lyricist for Majhrate Chad –

2016 – “Crack Platoon” released from Soundtek –

2017 – “Stop Genocide” released worldwide –

2019 – “Titor Shadhinota” released worldwide –

Obscure is in full drive now &  Tipu wants to continue as long his vocal permits him to sing & we all from Obscure would very much like to continue our journey on music.