Name : Nadim

Born : 01 June, 1981

Hometown : Dhaka

Marital Status : Married

Favorite Foods : All kinds of healthy food.

Favorite Sports : Cricket, Football, Badminton, Carrom.

Favorite Subjects : Marketing management

Favorite Movies : Perfume, The Avatar

Favorite Actors : Jackie Chan, Tom cruise, Johnny Depp

Favorite Places : Ocean Areas

Favorite Escape : Escape from injustice

Favorite Bands : Pink Floyd ,Doors ,dire straits, B.B. king, The beatles and many more.

Things you don´t like : Dominating someone, Vainglory

Joined Obscure : January , 2020

Other Band been in : Chime, Aronno, Digital, Blackmoon

What motivates me : want to be good musician

How do you spend your spare time : Play guitar, Watch Movies, spend  time with family.

Gears: American Ultra Jazz Bass.